Synalloy Troubled by Privet’s and UPG’s Patently False Claims Regarding Nominee Chris Hutter’s Biography and Misrepresentations in Privet’s and UPG’s Proxy Statement

RICHMOND, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Synalloy Corporation (Nasdaq: SYNL) (“Synalloy” or the “Company”) today expressed its concern about false and materially misleading statements made by Privet Fund Management LLC and UPG Enterprises LLC (“Privet” and “UPG,” and together, the “Dissident Group”) regarding their nominee Christopher Hutter’s professional career.

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The Dissident Group has said that if Synalloy shareholders elect the Dissident Group’s nominees, Mr. Hutter would serve as Synalloy’s interim CEO, replacing Craig Bram, the Company’s CEO. The Dissident Group claims Mr. Hutter is qualified for this position (and for the Company’s Board of Directors (the “Board”)) because Mr. Hutter is a “demonstrated business builder and organizational leader that has grown [UPG’s] annual revenue” 1 and has “spent the last 6 years building UPG into a business 2.5x Synalloy’s size.”2 To emphasize Mr. Hutter’s supposed six years of executive experience at UPG (a metals distribution and light manufacturing company), the Dissident Group’s biography of Mr. Hutter goes on to say that “[p]reviously, Mr. Hutter served as the Managing Director and CFO of InSite Real Estate, L.L.C., … from 2008 to 2014” (emphasis added).3

Synalloy has noted that Mr. Hutter was still listed as the CFO and key contact for InSite Real Estate, LLC (“InSite”), a real estate development company, on the InSite website as recently as last week. Mr. Hutter is also listed as the “manager” of 124 active LLCs, most of which are associated with InSite and several of which were organized in just the past two months (after Privet/UPG initiated this proxy fight), according to Secretary of State filings. Synalloy and its Board have repeatedly asked the Dissident Group to explain Mr. Hutter’s day-to-day roles with UPG and InSite and provide additional information to Synalloy shareholders regarding Mr. Hutter’s operational and executive experience in the steel and specialty chemical manufacturing business prior to the 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

The Dissident Group has refused to provide such additional information about Mr. Hutter. Yesterday, the Dissident Group attempted to explain away the references to Mr. Hutter on InSite’s website by claiming that the website had not been updated in six years. The Dissident Group has offered no explanation for the 124 active LLCs that list Mr. Hutter as a “manager.” Nevertheless, the Dissident Group went so far as to claim that Synalloy’s questions about Mr. Hutter’s professional activities were “distortions and irrelevant fictions – none of which hold up to a fact check.”4 The Dissident Group claimed again that Mr. Hutter has devoted the last six years of his professional career to UPG. But he has not.

Mr. Hutter was quoted in an October 2016 press release from W. P. Carey Inc., a public company, and described therein as “Chris Hutter, InSite Real Estate CFO and Managing Director.” A copy of this press release is attached hereto.

Also in late 2015 or 2016 — fully two years after the Dissident Group claims Mr. Hutter left InSite to devote himself to UPG — Mr. Hutter was listed as InSite’s CFO in an InSite “build-to-suit” proposal to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. A copy of that page of InSite’s proposal, which is publicly available, is attached hereto.

In fact, Mr. Hutter did not leave InSite in 2014, as his biography in the Dissident Group’s definitive proxy statement, nomination notices, website and investor presentation falsely states. Nor were the references to Mr. Hutter on InSite’s website the result of a six-year oversight by InSite and Mr. Hutter. Instead, it appears that Mr. Hutter had an active, ongoing role as an executive with this real estate development firm, certainly into 2016 and likely later: he formed a new LLC with InSite personnel for purchasing and developing real estate as recently as April 2020, two months ago. Given the seemingly ongoing work Mr. Hutter conducts for InSite, shareholders should question how involved Mr. Hutter is with UPG and its day-to-day operations.

Synalloy does not believe the Dissident Group and Mr. Hutter have been transparent and honest with Synalloy shareholders. Synalloy and its Board do not have any reliable indication that Mr. Hutter is qualified to serve in an executive role with Synalloy and believe shareholders should worry that the Dissident Group has steadfastly refused to provide any information regarding his operational experience, performance or accomplishments at closely-held UPG, as well as information about UPG itself. Certainly, Mr. Hutter’s role as a CFO of a real estate development firm does not qualify him to oversee Synalloy’s complex metals and specialty chemicals businesses.

Synalloy and its Board again call upon UPG and Mr. Hutter to provide complete transparency into UPG and Mr. Hutter’s biography and performance. Synalloy shareholders deserve to know whether they are being asked to support the appointment of a real estate CFO and manager of more than 100 real estate vehicles as the interim CEO of Synalloy. And, if Mr. Hutter intends to cling to his oft-repeated claim that he has devoted six years to making UPG the company that it is today, Synalloy shareholders deserve to know whether that company is successful; UPG controls its own financial statements and it could and should release the six years of financial results under Mr. Hutter’s supposed leadership to Synalloy shareholders.

If the Dissident Group continues to refuse to provide reliable details about Mr. Hutter and UPG, then Synalloy believes shareholders should be gravely concerned about Mr. Hutter’s true background and track record and UPG’s actual performance.

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